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Meet Wendy A. Kelly

Meet Wendy A. Kelly

Ever since I was as child, I knew that I wanted to be a healer. Looking back, I believe my passion for healing began at a young age when my father, who was a military veteran, became disabled with crippling rheumatoid arthritis. By the time I was 5 years old, my father was unable to work and was essentially bedridden. I spent much of my childhood taking care of him, preparing his meals, offering companionship and cheering him up when he was feeling down.


I began as a professional healer over 30 years ago when I became a licensed Physical Therapist. In my early career, I specialized in the treatment of the spine. I loved patient care and helping people recover from life-limiting pain and dysfunction. However, I always knew that there was so much more to healing than focusing on just the physical aspects of a problem. This led me on a journey of discovery and awakening: studying and practicing mind, body, emotional and spiritual healing techniques as a path to optimal health.


After exploring a number of other techniques, I discovered the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and I felt that I had arrived at the most sophisticated, complete and miraculous healing system ever devised. I became certified in both of Dr. Nelson’s healing systems, the Emotion Code and the Body Code. With The Emotion Code a person can become free from old traumas and trapped emotions that interfere with a happy, productive, pain-free life. The Body Code helps the body to achieve balance in all aspects of health, including emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural and chemical, so that it can heal itself. One of the things that I love about this form of energy healing is that it can also be done remotely, reaching people anywhere in the world over the phone or by Zoom.


In addition to my one-on-one healing work, I absolutely love creating and teaching the classes and seminars that you can read about elsewhere on my website. I have received a great deal of heartwarming feedback on the positive impact that these classes have on my student’s lives. Their growth is what continues to fuel my work.


On a personal note: I truly feel as though I am living the life of my dreams. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 33 years and have three beautiful, talented daughters and a loving rescue dog. We have traveled extensively to some of the most popular and remote locations on the globe, and everywhere we go, I learn something new to contribute to my life and my work. My favorite activities include relaxed family time, long walks with friends, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing.

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