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Susan A.

Tucson, AZ

"I have been suffering from heartburn for 50 years. Even though, I was on prescription medication, had changed my diet and had stopped drinking all alcohol, I would experience heartburn everyday, starting around noon and intensifying as the day went on. I had to sit up when I slept and still had terrific pain. I was diagnosed with a Hiatal hernia that could not be surgically repaired. After just one session with Wendy Kelly, I began to experience complete relief. She worked with me in the morning and at noon, the pain did not begin, nor did it in the afternoon, in fact I was pain-free all night and from that day on. I can now even drink an occasion glass of red wine. Wendy is a miracle worker and I am so happy that I found her!"

"I experienced a bad ski fall this winter and for weeks afterwards had pain in both my neck and right shoulder, with tingling and numbness in my right arm. This went on for several weeks and I finally consulted a specialist. A subsequent MRI determined I had ruptured 2 discs in my lower neck. This was affecting the nerves running to my shoulder and arm. A surgeon eventually told me that it would probably take up to 6 months to heal properly and I also had a 30 percent chance it would not heal on it's own and that I would need surgery. I was told to rest, stop doing most of my work out routines and start traction and PT. I did all of these things but was very distraught and continued to experience symptoms with little progress.


So I visited Wendy and after only 3 sessions I felt my body turn a corner. I experienced great relief with fewer symptoms and felt more at peace with my progress. In only 3 total months I was able to return to my exercise program and normal physical activities that I love to do. I am so very grateful to Wendy for her thoughtfulness in healing my injury and focus on helping me move from feeling "injured and helpless" to being in control of my body's health. She is extremely focused on helping people listen to their bodies and bringing them more into balance. I would highly recommend Wendy and her services."

Georgianna F.

Denver, CO

"I was suffering from depression since 1998 after I was injured at work.  In addition to my depression, I had chronic neck pain and both of my shoulders were always hurting.  My digestion also caused me discomfort and my stomach felt bloated most of the time.  After working with Wendy, my depression, physical pain and digestive problems got much better and I am so happy to feel good again after all these years.  I loved Wendy’s work so much that I had her work with my 88-year-old mother and my 14-year-old son.  They are both feeling so much better too!"

Esperanza M.

Aurora, CO

This might sound like an overstatement, but it is not.  Wendy Kelly saved me. She changed my life.  I am eternally grateful.  I met Wendy when I was at a very low point in my life.  Just her presence lifted me.  Then, like a gift from the universe, she started teaching group classes.  I attended several of Wendy's groups.  I grew closer to Wendy and close to the others in her classes.  She taught me forgiveness, the amazing joy that comes from forgiveness and the incredible joy that follows.  I think about Wendy and her grace almost every day.  When I am with others from her classes, we bond and say to each other what would Wendy say.  Wendy is a saint. 

Debra F.

Denver, CO

Your class today was really great.  When my eyes were open I was writing down what you said, so I could go through it again!  Kept thinking all afternoon about the gratitude shift!  It was a miserable day outside - rain pouring, high winds, almost freezing temperatures, and as I trudged through it all dashing from meeting to meeting, I found myself breathing and telling myself "I have fresh air; I will find joy in the fresh air; I will embrace this crazy weather and not think about how cold and wet I am, but how lucky I am to be alive!!!!"  Really wonderful!  

Wendy, please know how much I enjoyed the webinar and I am so grateful to you for sharing your wisdom with us all!  

Susan S.

Denver, CO

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