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Devon Combs

CEO of Beyond the Arena

Larkspur, CO

"Wendy is a gifted healer who not only touches the lives of people but also animals. I was fortunate to have Wendy apply her energy work to my horses, Detail and Playboy and my dog, Namo who are all a part of my animal-assisted healing team at Beyond the Arena.


Wendy honed right in on where the horses were carrying energy which needed releasing and went to work. Playboy immediately started licking, chewing and yawning and his eyes were clearer after the session. My mare, Detail, kept moving her 1,200 body as close to Wendy's hands as possible and lowered her head in relaxation and release. Both horses had renewed energy for our client sessions the next day and there was a remarkable difference. 


Wendy's energy work was also a blessing for my dog Namo. She detected some food imbalances in his diet which I promptly changed. I'm happy to report that Namo's allergies and scratching have greatly reduced since! I highly suggest Wendy's healing work for your beloved furry friends; she will optimize their well-being. We can't wait to have her back to the ranch!"

"Wendy recently treated my skittish rescue dog Frankie. I had worked with her myself and experienced significant relief, so when I heard she worked with pets, I was intrigued, though a little dubious. Frankie has a lot of anxiety both around other people and dogs and especially in the car. I was hoping Wendy could help alleviate some of his fear. From the moment she walked in the door, Frankie connected with her. Usually he shies away from strangers for quite awhile, but within seconds he was curling up next to Wendy on our sofa. He sat calmly while she worked with him, and when I took him for a car ride the next day, he was like a different dog. While he was clearly nervous, he was much better than ever before. He didn’t drool or try to climb in my lap. He looked out the window and eventually lay down on the passenger seat. He is still wary of new people but warms up much more quickly. I feel certain that Wendy’s work with him made the difference. Her calm and warmth were immediately sensed by Frankie; seeing him totally relax with her was amazing!"


Denver, CO

I recently had Wendy work with my elderly semi-feral cat, Mama.  This cat and I have been friends for about 14 years.  Her right eye had been watering for about 7-10 days, and it was closing due to the irritation.    Wendy was able to determine what had happened that caused the watering in the first place, and cleared the issue.  Her eye had completely returned to normal by the next day, wide open, bright and clear; no more watering, no more irritation.  I'm grateful for her assistance, and would like for her to work with "Mama" some more in the future.  It brought relief to my heart knowing that she could be helped like this.  I appreciate what you did for her, Wendy.  Thank you very much!

Eilene Baxter 

Palmdale, CA

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