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Public Speaking

I have presented on a variety of the topics. Some of which are listed here and others can be found on my "classes" page.   I have spoken in schools, churches, businesses and private homes. My audiences have included women groups, parent and teen organizations, church groups and YPO forums. . Please Contact me to learn more about all that I have to offer.



Selected Topics for Presentations, Workshop, Seminars and Webinars 

Happiness at Last

When was the last time you experienced true happiness? If worry, stress and fear are always present in your life, then happiness will take a back seat. Wendy will share her proven technique for eliminating painful emotions and replacing them with positive emotions.  Make room for more happiness  and enjoy your life every day.


Your Life… Worry Free 

Does worry  consume your life? You can triumph over worry and start living a more optimistic life. Wendy will provide you with the tools and resources needed to reprogram your automatic, unproductive responses to life’s challenges. This will enlighten your life and the lives of the people you care about.  


Embracing What Life Brings: Turning Loss into Opportunity 

Traumatic events and personal loss can leave one feeling hopeless, anxious and depressed. Wendy will help you discover how life’s difficulties can serve as a catalyst for healing, growth and transformation. She will share proven tools and strategies to begin living a happier, more fulfilled life in the midst of life’s challenges.

You Are the Miracle

Most people view their physical bodies in a negative light. Wendy will awaken her audience members to the miracle of the physical body and teach them how to build a compassionate partnership between body and mind.  It is time to love, honor and appreciate your greatest gift. 


The Ideal You 

Weight issues plague more than half the U.S. population.  In The Ideal You, Wendy sheds light on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of weight gain and loss. She will show how awareness, acceptance and gratitude can create the body (and life) that you desire. Put an end to your weight concerns for good.


Girls Feeling Great from the Inside Out 

Sadly, many girls begin to hate their bodies at a very young age. By age eleven, the number one wish for girls is to be thinner. Wendy helps pre-teen and teenage girls discover the truth about the wonder of their physical bodies and teaches them healthy ways to process difficult emotions. It is time for girls to love themselves and to love their lives.

“Wendy’s talk was wonderfully inspiring today. I am so in awe of her gift and her ability to share this enlightened way of being with others.” Laura Denver CO 

"Wendy Kelly is a gifted and engaging speaker, with an uncanny ability to convey profound spiritual teachings through simple and practical messages. Her audiences range from high-powered executives to pre-teen girls who all walk away empowered with new knowledge and transformational tools to make immediate, positive changes in their lives." Andrea, Denver


“Wendy’s presentation was truly amazing! She had the entire room of women transfixed. I spoke to many of the guests after the lunch, and everyone was absolutely raving about her. She has a gift which MUST be shared with others.” Debra, Denver CO

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