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"My 15-month-old son suddenly became terrified of water and baths. He refused to take a bath and would scream through the entire process. For three months we sponge bathed him or fought to hold on to him during a showering. After ONE session with Wendy we saw a complete 180-degree change and within one week, our once terrified son went from hating his bath to staying in there for an hour, with no fuss and no tears! He loves the bath now so much that he eagerly climbs into the tub, fully-clothed and ready to go! Just a mere mention of the word "bath" and he's heading towards the tub. Thank you, Wendy! You worked a miracle in our little boy."

Andrea C.

Denver, CO

"My 5 year son was a very sensitive infant and toddler, and I had been concerned that his sensitives were affecting his behavior and ability to fully experience life. Some examples of my sweet boys fears….He wouldn’t go IN a museum, movie theatre, or any place that is dark / loud. Poor thing, he was so stressed! Wendy worked on him through me (cause I’m his mama), and it felt very safe, easy, and non-threatening. After our three sessions, I decided to take him to the movies. He loved the movie experience, the popcorn especially! And, we have been back - per his request! 

The Body Code so far has been my go-to recommendation for my Morning Sickness ridden sisters and clients. My daughter had a session after returning from a cruise with the worst illness she has ever experienced. And, I have had sessions for my general growth and well-being. I ADORE Wendy, I am so fortunate to have connected with her. She is a guide, a gentle presence, and safe and reassuring. I trust her completely as a healing guide for my babies and family."

Rebecca K.

Denver, CO

"Wendy is simply amazing. Our son had sudden-onset severe separation anxiety at preschool a few years ago and after months of trying every technique we could find, after 1 (yes ONE) session, his anxiety was gone and drop off became a breeze. We were ecstatic and astounded at how quickly his issues were resolved. 

Three years later, we were on an international trip and our now-nearly-7-year-old was having some serious jet-lag-induced mood swings. Mix that with a normal need for independence and we had a dangerous situation on our hands (think small child physically refusing to get off a train in Tokyo). After days of this ongoing behavior and trying every parenting trick in our toolkit, an email to Wendy and a single session, and the next day we had our happy, silly son back with us enjoying our vacation. 

Wendy has a true gift and her techniques have been so incredibly effective for our family. We have found that she brings peace and resolution to frustrating and confusing situations, and we cannot say enough," “Thank you Wendy!!

Ginger S.

Vail, Colorado

"After working with Wendy for my personal issues, I found out her true passion is working with children. My 3-year-old daughter’s tantrums had gotten to a point where I felt helpless and hopeless. She had lost her ability to calm herself and her 30+ minute tantrums often involved self-harming behaviors (throwing her body on the ground, biting herself, etc) and sometimes got to a point where she was so distressed she would throw up. She also had major resistance toward my husband (her dad) and would only want me around. After one session with Wendy, in which she used me as a surrogate for my daughter since she was at school, everyone noticed a huge difference in her behavior and demeanor. She was happier, easy going, and if she did get upset, it only lasted a couple of minutes and she was able to calm herself down without comforting from me. And after only two sessions her dad was suddenly her best friend and their relationship completely changed from tumultuous to harmonious and loving. Without Wendy’s help I don’t know where we would be! I’m so grateful for the methods Wendy uses because they are quick and don’t require hours and hours of therapy or any struggle whatsoever. I would highly recommend her to any parent wanting their child to have a easier and joyful life!"

Alison R.

Denver, CO

"Wendy is a gracious and intuitive healer who works wonders in a quiet yet powerful manner. Her sessions were so effective for me personally, I asked if she could work with my 14 year old son on his night terrors. After just one session using the Emotion Code, my sons terrors disappeared as if by magic. I just wish I had found Wendy years earlier to help with his colic and sleep issues when he was a baby.If you’re ready to try a different tactic and experience real results, schedule an appointment with Wendy today. You won’t be disappointed.""

Lisa C..

Denver, CO

"My son was extremely shy and withdrawn both at school and with family and friends. After one session with Wendy, he is now better able to communicate with his teacher and other adults. He is also playing more with other children.  Thankfully, he has completely stopped hitting himself and no longer walks around with a sad face. We love that he is smiling so much more!"


Aurora, CO

"My 14-year-old son became frightened and depressed after some robbers stole his wallet and his cell phone. He seemed sad to me and he was always worrying and was very quick to anger. Another thing that started to happen was that he would no longer eat with the family and suddenly became a very picky eater. .I thought that he needed psychological therapy, but I found Wendy instead. All of these things disappeared after Wendy worked with him. He is so much happier, loves my food again and he and I have our wonderful relationship back.  Another amazing thing about Wendy’s work is that my son didn’t even need to come to his appointment; Wendy was able to do his treatment through me."

Esperanza M.

Aurora, CO

Margie G.

Vail, CO

"Our son was an excellent student but an average test-taker. Standardized tests especially caused him great anxiety. After a few sessions with Wendy, he was able to conquer his fears of test-taking and finally perform at a level commensurate with his usual academic work. His scores improved over 200 points on the SAT, and he was able to use the techniques he learned from working with Wendy improved his everyday work in high school. A worthwhile investment which will stay with him forever."

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